I am a visual storyteller. I work with engineers and subject matter experts to create engaging graphics that help get people excited about learning. Give me a graphic, image or data set that’s dry or overly complex, and I’ll find and bring out the story in it. I’ve got experience producing videos, animations, web graphics, brochures, illustrations, logos, presentations and all sorts of other digital, print, and physical media.

I’m an IMERSA ambassador. I want to help drive more people to planetariums for both art and science experiences. (And I want to make projects for these spaces!)

I’m passionate about hands-on learning. For my graduate thesis I decided to take on surveying the nation’s makerspaces and learning about the leaders who run them with Nation of Makers.

I’m an aerial dancer and a welder, and I’ve made some funky, fun hoops in the hopes of building community and igniting passion around dance.