UX Design

I am an Expert UX designer with 20 years experience designing interfaces, and tools for engineers, physicians, salespeople, and general consumers.

By day, my work helps to integrate AI into software that impacts the way we manage energy and optimize industrial processes. The tools my team designs are making a huge difference in reducing carbon emissions and optimizing energy usage. (If you would like to see examples of this work, please ask. These prototypes and designs cannot be openly posted online.)

By night, I work on interactive experiences using LED’s, projection mapping, sculptural element and domes. I often design interfaces to make art installations easier to control. I love to collaborate with other video and tech artists for community shows and performances.

I’ve helped to lead groups that teach art and technology in the various cities in which I’ve lived. Presently I’m a community organizer for the Boston Tech Poetics.

Creativity is My Comfort Zone

When I was a kid, the thing I loved to hear my dad say most was “Make me a drawing.” If I wanted to design a dollhouse, I’d make a sketch, go get the plywood, and he’d see to it that I could use the tools.

When I was a teenager, this led to joining a 4-H club dedicated to welding in my community. While the guys in the club were there because they were looking to apply their welding skills at a commercial trade, I was looking to understand a different process I could use for making art.

Years after learning how to weld in my small hometown, I picked up the hobby of aerial dance. First aerial silks, then lyra. I wondered what it would be like to make my own lyra. I bought tools and took rigging courses to learn safety – producing dozens of steel hoops for Nashville aerialists. I began to create a wide range of shapes and symbols, exploring creative expression through metalworking. And yes, I dance on them too.

Work Experience

Smaller projects and experience prior to 2007 can be found on LinkedIn.

Expert, UX Design
Schneider Electric


I’ve worked building industry-leading software tools within Schneider Electric for four years, and worked on the customer training for Power Monitoring software and products for five years. Presently, my role is within for the AI Hub team, integrating AI solutions across the entire Schneider Electric product portfolio.

Freelance Multimedia Designer


I’ve freelanced for clients large and small, storyboarding, brainstorming, producing mockups, and doing frontend work for museum installations, web sites, and apps. My clients included Highlights for Children, JoAnn Etc., Roto Studio, and Big Lots Corporate.

Media Arts Grant Panelist
National Endowment for the Arts


It was an incredible honor to serve the nation’s artists as a grant panelist, jurying over 40 applications for media arts projects and festivals.

Assistant Manager, New Frontier Sundance Film Festival (Volunteer)


The New Frontier is a space where imagination, technology and storytelling come together during the Sundance Film Festival. I helped manage a venue and staff of over 30 individuals before and during the 10-day festival.

Sr. Multimedia Designer
Blue Diesel


My team was responsible for creating engaging interactive stories for mobile devices for brand name pharmaceutical clients.

User Experience

I’ve worked with all kinds of people to understand their needs and make tools that address even the smallest details.

Storytelling With Data

The pieces I design are well-crafted, and delightful to the end user. They help the user quickly learn about complex technical concepts.

Interactive Sculpture Design

My partner and I often collaborate to create physical objects that can be interacted with, including aerial apparatuses and LED sculptures.