This section shows just a few dimensional projects that integrate a variety of different tools and techniques electronics – specifically LED’s, laser cutting, 3D printing, woodworking, and metalworking.

LED Pixel Array

This 2 meter pixel array was installed at the Boston Live Code Algorave at the MIT Theater Arts building in January of 2024.

Free plans are available on Github:

Laser Cut Brain

Duo Owl 3D Print – Part 1: Basic Duo

Duolingo has become a part of my daily life. Duo is a friendly owl that will help you learn just about any language – but he has a dark side. If you miss a day of practice or break “your streak” Duo can become quite impatient and according to fan to meme lore, he may come after you in your sleep.

For Phase 1 of this build, I simply modeled the owl in Blender so that the model would be accessible to anyone with a 3D printer via Thingiverse

Phase 2 will involve LED screens for eyes, so they can be animated as well as servo motor-driven wings.

WIP – 66 inch Planetarium

This architectural dome is being turned into a planetarium to prototype fulldome video projects.

Light-Up Ukulele

This light-up ukulele got an upgrade. The lighting components were removed. Smaller, denser LED’s were integrated into the instrument and custom controls were designed using the Pixelblaze platform. The ukulele’s patterns are responsive to sound and motion.

The enclosure was custom designed and 3D printed.

Pole Cat and Lighting: North Shore Pole Fitness Dance Showcase 2023

Aerial arts – silks, lyra, and pole – take an incredible amount of hard work, strength and endurance training. They’re a combination of dance and athletics. The studio does an annual student showcase and the dancers usually perform in this tiny venue without any lighting. This year we decided to change that. My partner and I worked to hang and devise a system to run 14 LED Par lights using TouchDesigner with DMX output.